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If you are a new mom looking for people who understand what you are going through, you’ve come to the right place. Register down below to join our postpartum and motherhood support group.


Having a baby is a joyous occasion, but it doesn’t always feel like it. You’ve probably heard the term “postpartum depression” — more accurately called perinatal depression and anxiety — but you might not realize how common it is. At least one in seven new moms will experience the condition, and 60% of the time it starts before or during pregnancy.

There’s no easy fix to this mixture of complicated emotions, but a support group can help you through the challenging transition. 

A great way to get support is to talk to people just like you. Our Virtual Support Groups meet once a month for about an hour, and offer you a chance to meet other new moms who are also struggling with mood changes or the transition to parenthood.

Our support groups are safe, confidential spaces led by community members and a licensed therapist every other month. They’re an open forum to discuss any feelings of sadness, frustration or difficulty adjusting to your life as a new mom. You’ll hear from other women, learn coping skills and self-care strategies, and talk about experiences of your own if you’d like to share.

Don’t be afraid to speak up. Talking about the joys and challenges of motherhood can make it feel more normal. We can all learn from one another’s experiences.